As the title says, I'm offering a 1 on 1 poker challenge/competition to anyone willing to take me on.

The games played would either be No-Limit Texas Hold'em or Pot-Limit Omaha, your choice.

The games would be played with play-money (virtual, fake money) on an online site of your choice.

The wager for the challenger would be minimally 1 million in-game sacnr money. The wager can be higher, it is the challengers choice.

To make things fair and just because I'm cocky like that, in the case the challenger wins, I will payout 125% of the wager. For example, if you wager 1 million against me, if I lose I will pay you out 1,25 milly.

Additional rules (can be subject to change):

- The minimal required amount of hands played will have to be at least 500, to reduce the effect of variance. ( Can be subject to change)

- The challenge can be played over 1,2 or more tables simultaneously to make things quicker. ( Can be subject of change)

- In the case of forfeit of the challenge, after I have already accepted, you are required to pay out 80% of the initial wager offered. ( Cannot be subject of change )

If you wish to apply, write a post here or hit me up with a personal message in-game or via forums. Cheers!