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Thread: About (C) in my info.

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    About (C) in my info.

    Dear Sir/Ma'am,
    Please help me about my (C) in my info.
    because I can't get the moneybug and other event, ect.
    It's been a long time that's all thank you.

    InGame: evillmoppet
    Played: 7years ago

    God bless 🙏😇.

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    The restrictions for cheaters last for 2 years after they were last banned for cheats. Your last ban is the 28th December 2018 - so you'll be able to collect the money bag again at the end of the year.

    You have 6 bans for cheats/mods - maybe if you didn't like the restrictions, you should have thought about that before installing things.

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