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Thread: ntelppm.sys BSOD Problem

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    ntelppm.sys BSOD Problem

    I've getting a random BSOD intelppm.sys error today and i cannot boot into normal mode but safe mode works fine in normal boot.
    8700k @ 5ghz
    Maximus X Formula
    16gb team dark ram
    win 10

    It's a new build and as far as I'm aware all drivers are up to date
    Anyone here able to have a look to see how i can resolve it?
    Thanks for any helps

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    Could be a faulty driver or a hardware problem

    Start narrowing your search by removing drivers and using it like that, if it keeps persisting then reinstall windows, if that doesn't help, then it could be a hardware problem since you said it's a new build.

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    May wanna lower your cpu freq to stock and see if that helps things along

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    Thanks all of you guys for your help. I found an solution by Kevin Arrows from appuals and solve the problem.

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