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    hello friends, i love you all

    after many years i decided to go back to playing, installed the game and samp, but i cant connect to any server and i dont know what im doing wrong.
    I got used to playing gta V and unlearned the details of gta san andreas. could you help me?

    I am using a latest version of the samp application, 0.3.7 R4

    I saw that a version of sacnr is R2 but I didn't find this one to download

    Thanks for your attention and I hope to see all you soon in the game.

    hey admin i want my status back, how come i dont have any more scores?

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    0.3.7-R4 is the right version, so that's not the issue. What error do you see trying to connect to any server?

    As a general magic fix for most problems, please try to set gta_sa's compatibility to Windows XP

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