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Thread: Addition of Clothing Accessories & Items

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    Post Addition of Clothing Accessories & Items

    Hi, I'd like to suggest a feature to be added in SACNR, as i find this pretty useful and attractive.
    I have no idea if it has been suggested before or not i tried using search but didn't found any. I'm suggesting it anyway :D I have found this feature being used on multiple servers in SA-MP and found it pretty attractive for SACNR too. So basically It's About adding Clothing items and Accessories which players can be able to wear or put onto their character to give them a little delightful look. I'm pretty sure People would love to use it.

    Items that can be included:
    - Clothing/Accessories items can include a lot of objects like Police shield, A Cigarette, Police jacket, Glasses, Cowboy hats, sport caps, Gun holders, Face Masks, bandana and etc..

    - Picture below is the example of items that can be included. (Click to Enlarge):

    - A snap of my player After applying the cowboy hats, Police Jacket, Sun Glasses and a Mustache:.(Click to Enlarge):

    How Can it be implemented?
    - Well, i believe at the moment most of the clothing Stores around San Andreas are being used as Business Buildings. Which can be removed as a business and be used as clothing store or just add another extra clothing building like ZIP, Binco, Sub Urban, Pro Laps etc, Which of course cannot be owned by players as a business but as a store like Ammu Nation/Cluckin Bell and others also it can be robbed as well If Admin wants it to be added.

    How does it work?
    - Players can buy Clothing items from the Clothing Stores i.e. Binco, Sub Urban, ZIP, ProLaps, Vintage and etc.
    This way It will attract more players and on the other hand it can be added as a new robbery place too.

    I had no other choice or knew where to record so i did it from another server which was using this feature as well
    Check the Video here --> Click here to See the Video

    So What you a'll think?
    Please wait while I attempt to give a Fuck...

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    +1 would be fun, normal skins are kinda boring

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    Hi, this has been requested before. Until we have a better way to display a proper item interface, it can't be implemented.

    I'd also appreciate if you didn't just request we just lift exact implementation of features from other servers, no matter how many features they've lifted from others.

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