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Thread: Should not allow player to exit or enter interiors while being shot at.

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    Should not allow player to exit or enter interiors while being shot at.

    Hi there, I have a medium spec computer to play SA-MP at 90fps and highest resolution with maximum graphics. So the only motive why I am suggesting this is for other players who play with low spec pc or poor internet.

    When a player is fighting with someone, they try to escape or avoid shots for a while by entering in interior or exiting it. Thing that happens is when they do it, it takes sometime to load interiors or exterior which other players take advantage of. What they do is that they get inside an interior and wait for the other play to follows them inside, as soon as they enters they are stuck for a while since their pc is still loading the interior and the other guy can easily just shoot the standing guy. So there should be a system that should prevent a player to exit or enter any exterior or interior while they are being shot at for 5 seconds or less.

    I am anyway cool with what's implemented now cause I have good connection with good spec pc, this was just an idea to make it convenient more for low spec players.


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    We already have timers on how often you can leave/enter an interior. We don't need to implement anything else here.

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