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Thread: Help me pls

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    Help me pls

    hy guys,im ArgXnT_ THAT some admins banned me 2 time,the first time reason aimbot,but when i post a video they unban me.
    now last week some guys say when u are shooting with sniper u are jumping,i didnt belive but one person record and i saw it
    idk really what is this,and i show this video to old samp players and they say its ur bug or the samp and maybe server /SDM bug.
    i go enouther sevrers but they didnt see any jumping like...this is video that i upload some hours befor banned reason fakejumping
    Unban me please,i dont have any mods or somehacks
    Thanks for ur time:)

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    bruh wrong server

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    Not SACNR Monitor related.

    Hell, not even SACNR related.

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