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Thread: Lost House ?

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    Lost House ?

    Hii i am N7T
    Time : 29 Dec 2019
    Problem : Lost a House
    In here i dont know what a problem. I am have one House. After 3 days bought that from Server. I am play game. Now my owner house is Tadi.

    Previous owner 2 : DonCorleone and Clarke

    Reason from Admin : "Due to a server issue, a house shouldn't have been available to buy. You've been refunded"
    I am bought that house after see in map web have Green Icon without Owner and see Previous Owner 2 people without name Tadi.
    Go to house, i see have name House.
    Never see this bug or anything with this problem.
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    You've already been refunded, it says so in the message you got at the bank.

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