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Thread: Refund from a bug

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    Refund from a bug

    In-game name: PermanentCIA
    How much money did you lose: $4,862,921‬ from robbery + $275,310 mfee
    When did you lose the money: 29 November 2019, 13:00:45 GMT+7
    How did you lose the money: After Andrw robbed me for 1.5m from me after succesfully robbed Caligula's vault, I'm trying to escape by stealing BF Injection at Starfish Casino parking. When I get into the car, I suddenly got killed by nobody. I don't know how can I die because there's nobody shooting me, even Andrw. After that, I lost all the money from that robbery before I could evade the police and I had to pay for mfee too. You can ask Andrw too because he's right beside me when I died unfairly.
    Why do you think it's a mistake: I think it's an unfair death, because I don't think that getting into a car would instantly kill me.

    HTML Code:
    [12:58:57] PermanentCIA (20) has stolen $6,362,991 from Caligulas Casino in The Strip (LV)!
    [12:59:01] <Carl> gg
    [12:59:06] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-020.png
    [12:59:13] Game time: 10:00
    [12:59:15] <ShocKWavE> Why did you killed me ban?
    [12:59:22] <ShocKWavE> So you want a real ban?
    [12:59:36] <ShocKWavE> Hmm i see
    [12:59:40] <BAN> you started it at the ammu
    [12:59:48] <ShocKWavE> I never dmed you.
    [12:59:50] Andrw (14) has stolen $500,000 from you.
    [12:59:54] <BAN> you did
    [12:59:55] You can sell this Infernus for $22,440 at any car shop (marked by car icons on your map).
    [12:59:55] Your vehicle has been unlocked.
    [13:00:00] <ShocKWavE> just wait now kid.
    [13:00:02] Andrw (14)'s vehicle is locked.
    [13:00:03] * PermanentCIA (20) hi
    [13:00:08] <iVenom> Where is redcross
    [13:00:10] Andrw (14) has stolen $500,000 from you.
    [13:00:13] You can sell this Bullet for $20,400 at any car shop (marked by car icons on your map).
    [13:00:15] <iVenom> I got his 5.203M :P
    [13:00:15] <BAN> you're going to turn on your cheats?w
    [13:00:24] <ShocKWavE> I am going to get you banned.
    [13:00:25] <BAN> i will wait for it
    [13:00:30] Andrw (14) has stolen $500,000 from you.
    [13:00:35] <iVenom> Guys stop fighting
    [13:00:38] You can sell this BF Injection for $11,900 at any car shop (marked by car icons on your map).
    [13:00:41] <iVenom> Thats toxic
    [13:00:45] You have died. The hospital has charged you $275,310 in medical fees. Have a nice day.
    [13:00:45] Welcome to San Andreas, PermanentCIA.
    [13:00:45] <Andrw> wtf
    [13:00:53] <ShocKWavE> It is you worthless shit who just got kicked him self xD
    [13:00:55] <ShocKWavE> For cheats
    [13:00:56] <ShocKWavE> xD
    [13:01:09] <BAN> tsssk a ch3at3r is c0mpla1n1ng now
    [13:01:13] Friday's lotto is now at $7,676,637! The lotto will be drawn at 10pm. Good luck, everyone!
    [13:01:16] <iVenom> Today I won 3M from casino :)
    [13:01:17] [PM] to Andrw (14): how i died?
    [13:01:23] <Ben18> how venom?
    [B][13:01:24] [PM] from Andrw (14): Lol idk bro
    [13:01:24] Use /r [message] to reply quickly.[/B]
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    Confirmed with players ingame, refunded

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