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Thread: Player Banning System.

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    Player Banning System.


    Hello, It's j.P here . i want to talk about the ban duration of a (C)heater, Bug abuser, Dm'er etc.
    As i noticed that spending a jail instead of a ban is more difficult and harder. So , i want to give s suggestion that if a Player (C)heat's so first of all take 50% of his total Balance then jail him for 50 Hours. The last jail in sacnr i've seen was 1k minute's which is about 16 Hours. so the player who spent 1k minute's he better now's that how he spent his hours in jail. Spending time in jail is difficult because if you are ban. you computer is switched off but your ban duration is reducing while in jail you need to stand by the computer. if you stop moving the jail time stopped.

    - Bug Abuser -

    All the bug abuser's must have a jail of 2 hours and Removed 10% from his total balance.

    - Dm'er -

    A dmer must me get banned. because he is a dmer maybe he hit's his enemy or the person he hate's in the jail like 'Gangster_Nv"
    A Player have a complain in which he dmed a second player
    1 Time = 2 days ban. 5% from his total balance.
    2 Time's = 2+2(4) days ban 5+5(10%) from his total balance.

    and like this the player dm a second player first of all do not dm and secondly if he dm so he just do it only one time otherwise he find him self in trouble or his balance in debt.

    - Ban Ratio -

    Dont warn a player that we've warned you many time's and you did not implement .
    For e.g my last report was (2nd Jul 2019) and then my new complain was (12th Jul 2019) i difference of 10 days that means he have some changes to him on 10 days. wait a player that if he repeats the same thing in the duration of 10-15 days like if i have a report in 2nd Jul and admin warned me but unfortunately i done a second dm on 4th jul so then ban a player for days'

    - Property -

    Property is a thing which every single player want that he have the better.
    and for getting the better he do his best like do side mission , bank rob's, plants etc. so from one complain you can't snatch all of his hardwork his courage. so dont ask a player that ''ill remove your propertie's next time'' etc.

    Have a nice and good Day Ceeya

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    Is this a suggestion?

    If you want a system where all players regardless of regular player level and ban history would get certain punishments for certain things then I'm gonna have to stop this right here. There's a lot admins have to take into consideration before choosing a suitable punishment. Total play time, ban history, complaint history, behavior in complaint(s), behavior in general and the list goes on. All players are different so we have to punish them in different ways.

    Admins are free to choose whatever punishment they see fit. The more time you spend being the defendant in player complaints the more likely you are going to start losing your money, properties and freedom. Since bans have turned out to be inefficient, we are going to have to come up with new ideas on punishments. If playing as a medic for a week or losing your house sounds bad, follow the rules and stay away from players who don't.

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