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Thread: Refund request

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    Refund request

    In-game name:Yosoypaul
    How much money did you lose:$1,890,882
    When did you lose the money:Today
    How did you lose the money:I lost the money because of deathmatching.
    Why do you think it's a mistake:I think that it's a mistake because he just came and killed me without any reason , and i'd ask him for my mfee but he didnt pay.
    Whole proof ---> he came and shoot my vehicle. ---> my vehicle's on fire. ---> he get's out into his vehicle. ---Then he shoot. --->After my HP gets low , he robbed me first and continued shooting till i die. --->My crimes. --->his crimes and asking my medical fee. --->My medical fee. --->then he says"go report , i dont care".

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    Refunded, next time can you read this: and only post your refund request after the complaint has been marked guilty. Cheers.

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