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Thread: Refund request

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    Refund request

    In-game name: Turbo
    How much money did you lose: 1337m
    When did you lose the money: 27/02/2019 10:10 pm local time
    How did you lose the money: I joined this day to the server to visit my props and I went to my Marina Biz and then my Commerce Biz and after I withdraw the cash that the players bought in the biz, I go out of the commerce biz and I noticed that I started to lost the money on the ingame money hud I typed /bal and noticed that I had only the money I withdraw from my biz in hand, the 1337m I had on my hand dissapear, I have no idea how but just to mention that this also happened to me in 2017 P.S I'm making this post late because I had not internet due to a problem with my ISP but I had the chance to tell this to admins on private when it happened which they suggest me to make a refund thread with the proof
    Why do you think it's a mistake: It's a mistake because I didn't make anything to lost such amount

    Edit: I updated the proof album with two more pics with more /bal ingame from February
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    After extensively investigating the events around this happening we've come to the conclussion that the money has indeed dissapeared into thin air. We will investigate why this happened to avoid it from repeating.

    Due to the amount of cash that needs to be refunded, this will have to be done in-game to avoid any problems an automatic refund might present with such large numbers. Please contact me on Discord to discuss the details.

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    Sorry for posting here.

    But do NEVER log out with more than 999,999,999 in hand! that's when stuff starts acting up.

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