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Thread: Business system rework

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    Business system rework

    Goal: Not playing will decrease wealth, while playing actively increases wealth.

    1. Change Business system:
    Remove the business income. It makes no sense a business makes money without any actual revenue. Instead of business income there will be business expenses. Business expenses will be a daily cost (IRL every 24 hours). The expenses will be removed from the business bank. If a business bank does not have enough in storage, the business can be bought for the value it was bought for by the owner, until the owner restocks their business bank. If a player does not visit their business for 14 days it will be sold automatically to the server.

    To counter the inaccessible wealth inside most businesses it now costs money to keep a certain level of security. On top of that there are storage fees which are relative to the amount stored inside the business. These storage fees will also be applied daily, but only when the owner has not visited that business for 24 hours. If a player visits their properties daily, he/she only has to pay for the security expenses.

    Security level Business expenses
    Level 1 $25,000
    Level 2 $50,000
    Level 3 $125,000
    Level 4 $300,000
    Level 5 $750,000

    Storage Amount Business expenses
    $0-$5,000,000 0.25 percent of storage amount
    $5,000,001-$15,000,000 0.5 percent of storage amount
    $15,000,001-$45,000,000 0.75 percent of storage amount
    $45,000,001-$200,000,000 1 percent of storage amount
    $200,000,001-$500,000,000 1.1 percent of storage amount

    Security level Business expense Storage amount Business expense
    Level 1 $25,000 $3,500,000 $8,750
    Level 2 $50,000 $15,000,000 $75,000
    Level 3 $125,000 $45,000,000 $337,500
    Level 4 $300,000 $175,000,000 $1,750,000
    Level 5 $750,000 $500,000,000 $5,500,000

    2. Decrease cash and bank limits:

    In order to force players to force their money inside their properties, there should be a lower limit for the cash and bank. The new bank limit should be $50,000,000 and the new cash limit should be $25,000,000. All the excess money should be in a players house or business.

    3. Extra business service:
    A player who owns a business can add a banking service inside their business. For a one-time $5,000,000 fee, a player can now transfer directly from their business bank. The transfer limit increases from $10,000,000 to $50,000,000.

    Please feel free to add to this suggestion.

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    make it simple please :)). too much for my brain to understand those expenses

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    1. why would you even buy/own a business if it has only negative effect on you
    2. punishing players for not playing is absolutely dreadful idea, 99% of the few still remaining players in sacnr have no time playing every single day

    Seems like this suggestion was targeted for money/propfags who have pointless amount money so they could just burn it away. I'm going to army next year so I clearly have no time playing sacnr every day but it doesn't mean that I would stop playing it and fuck no I am not going to pay some stupid expenses because of this suggestion

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    Agree with Eero. Businesses are supposed to earn you money, not make you lose it. Yes, most businesses don't make sales, but if this is implemented, the point of owning a business is lost.

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    1. -1
    Rich prop hoggers would just put their money in houses/bank/cash instead of bizs. Also, almost no money is stored in bizs without an icon that would really be affected by this. On the other hand, people whose biz have an icon could just remove security and risk getting robbed for 50k instead of paying large sums of money every day. Bizs are not the problem, icon bizs are.
    2. -1
    Ok, i get this one would make the number 1 suggestion kinda work, but you have to consider that bidding/prop selling works with cash in hand and money in bank, so your suggestion would actually limit property prices to 75M.
    3. neutral here, people going to/from bank are a nice bait for robbers which brings some more action, perhaps it could be added as a bonus feature (can be purchased using tokens)

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