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    Hi sacnr monitor team. I have a suggestion that would help me find servers that I want to play on.

    It would be cool if we could be able to click on the red highlighted items, and the servers will re-arrange from lowest/highest, depending on the query clicked. For example, if I click on the players button, it would show me all the servers with 0/1000 players, and if I click again, it will show me the servers with 999/1000 players. This would also be useful when I am looking for an English server, not a Russian server EVERY TIME.

    Image below

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    I agree +1

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    A few of the fields you want to sort by make no sense... For example IP:PORT and Time.... But if SACNR Monitor actually has a big enough user base (I'm assuming it does if it's still going), sure why not.

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