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Thread: biz disappeared and lost 2.5mil biz bank

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    Exclamation biz disappeared and lost 2.5mil biz bank

    In-game name: NE5TAH

    How much money did you lose: 1 $11mil biz and $2.5mil biz bank balance, with security upgrade 5, all services, stock and a few weapon unlocks.

    When did you lose the money: I had last logged in 4 days prior, and when I joined the game again, the biz had disappeared.

    How did you lose the money: I logged in after 4 days and the biz was just gone. My house still remained in Prickle Pine, but the biz was gone. Solatopa told me that my biz was un-owned when I hadn't sold it or given it away.

    Why do you think it's a mistake: I am fairly certain that biz's are not meant to be un-owned after 4 days of inactivity. I'm pretty sure it is 2 weeks no joining that your biz disappears.


    Biz income -

    Biz showing me owning it - - Jan 20

    Biz showing me owning it again - - Jan 20

    Biz showing a different owner - Jan 28

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    It's not joining the server that keeps properties - it's visiting the property. This needs to be done every 14 days I'm afraid.

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