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Thread: SACNR site Interior information bug

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    SACNR site Interior information bug

    Date/Time:21.9.2017 time 7:50
    Description:I woke up and wanted to check my house value and who got keys,well that was fine but Interior site showed was small yellow,I have a 3 token interior,site shows wrong interior :/
    Problem:Site is showing wrong interior of my house,I have 3 token in game,it shows small yellow on site.
    How to recreate it:Set 3 token interior picture on

    - - - Updated - - -

    My House interior in game is changed too,also there is 1 more big problem,my businesses interiors changed to default too,I had 2 token and 3 token interiors in businesses,biz A was 2 token while D was 3 token,please fix this problems.
    Sadly I don't have proof that my businesses had tokens but I guess Gee can tell you he tokened them.

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    The tokens were it on the properties during Dev to demo interiors. It was not expected that they'd expire.

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