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Thread: Terror in Venezuela.

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    Terror in Venezuela.

    ES: En Venezuela estamos viviendo una parte de la historia un poco dura para nosotros, desde que el Gobierno de Nicolas Maduro está al mando la cosa se nos puso un poco más dificil, no hay comida, no hay medicinas, no tenemos democracía y tampoco una limpias elecciones. Yo le pido solo que por favor compartan estos vídeos que les voy a poner para que todo el mundo vea y sepa lo que estamos viviendo porque no es fácil para nadie, cada día la delincuencia nos arropa y los niños diariamente mueren a falta de medicinas o comida. Mucha gente está comiendo de la basura por falta de la misma en sus hogares. Hemos pedido ayuda a paises vecinos y algunos nos han ayudado con lo que pueden pero el gobierno está en contra de eso. La guardia nacional y policia nacional (GNB, PNB) nos reprimen diariamente matando o lanzandonos bombas lacrimogenas en las marchas y protestas que se hacen en paz. Ya son 100 dias de protestas que llevamos y aún faltan muchos más para poder salir de este gobierno que nos esta arruinando y quiere que no salgamos adelante. Luchamos por la libertad, democracia, justicia. Todos los venezolanos estamos siendo afectados hasta mi parte, me han matado amigos mios en las protestas, otros se han ido.. Es triste lo que estamos viviendo.

    Por favor compartan estos vídeos y presten atención. Será de mucha ayuda. gracias. Dios los bendiga y que nos bendiga a nosotros para terminar está pesadilla

    IN: In Venezuela we are living a part of history a bit hard for us, since the government of Nicolas Maduro is in charge the thing got a little more difficult, there is no food, there are no medicines, we have no democracía and neither a clean elections. I ask only that please share these videos that I am going to put so that everyone sees and knows what we are living because it is not easy for anyone, every day crime is clothed and children daily die for lack of medicines or food. Many people are eating from the garbage for lack of it in their homes. We have asked for help from neighboring countries and some have helped us with what they can but the government is against it. The national guard and national police (GNB, PNB) repress daily to us by killing or throwing tear gas bombs in the marches and protests that are made in peace. There are already 100 days of protests that we have and still many more are missing to be able to leave this government that is ruining us and wants us to not go forward. We fight for freedom, democracy, justice. All Venezuelans are being affected to my end, I have killed friends of mine in the protests, others are gone .. It is sad what we are living.

    Please share these videos and pay attention. It's going to help a lot. Thank you. God bless you and bless us to end this nightmare.

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    Maduro is a fucking retard, you all go and murder him

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    Well since peaceful protests gets u nothin, time to move on next step. People if united can take government down, ez cops fuk em up and capture dat Maduro, beat shit outta him

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    I dont know much about the whole situation but obviously there is a big problem since there are lots of people out there. I came here to support you, i assume you're young and its gr8 to see you're fighting for a better future. Try to stay out of trouble as much as possible, system wont care how old are you nor what kind of life you're having.

    Dont give up!
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    Extreme conflicts between governments and their people never last forever. Think of people you love there, like your family, you will never lose hope when fighting for them! Probably everyone I know are aware of this issue in Venezuela, stay strong!
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