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Thread: Things you should know

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    Things you should know

    I had a little talk with other admins yesterday and some regular players seem to have forgotten some things (or may not be aware at all) so I decided to make a little thread to remind you about some things.

    First 7 things you should know were posted on the website by our glorious leader:

    When you use /complain in-game, your complaint is seen by the admins in-game as well as admins on IRC. If there are no admins in-game, using /complain can still alert admins on IRC to an issue and they can act to kick or ban the player.

    The more players that complain about a player, the more likely they'll get dealt with quickly. So if you see someone breaking the rules, use /complain even if someone else already has!

    We ban people when they spam /complain. You shouldn't complain about a player more than once every 10 minutes unless you are adding additional information.

    If you complain about DM when you have already been killed, we usually can't do anything because there is no proof for us to go on. If your kill is still in the death list, we may be able to ask the DMer why they killed you, but otherwise there is absolutely nothing we can do. Don't expect admins to take action about a DM complaint when you've already been killed. Use /complain and take screenshots while it is happening.

    When you /complain in-game, the complaint is added to the player's permanent complaint/ban record. This helps us determine if a player often breaks rules, how harshly they should be punished, and if they are trustworthy or not.

    If you yell "ID 55 IS CHEATING" in main chat, the cheater will often stop using their cheats for a while so they don't get banned. Using /complain is silent and allows admins to quickly catch rulebreakers red-handed, which means a better gaming experience for you and everyone else on the server.

    If you complain about a player in-game, you can log into your user control panel on this website and follow up on the complaint and provide proof. This is useful if you have been killed by a DMer, but have proof and you can't find their profile page on the website.

    8. You may PM admins at any time without asking them first (although it'd be polite to ask if we are busy with something) but many admins have /nopm turned on simply because players tend to spam PMs every other second with all kind of silly questions. If it's confidential and you don't want it to be read by other players, politely ask the admin in-game to turn their /nopm off so you can PM them. If it's a simple question which you can find the answer to by going to the website's "Help" section or asking it in the public chat, try it first before bothering admins with it. Regular players often know enough to give you a correct answer. If there are different views on a rule, then an admin should say the final word.

    Here are a few things you should not PM admins about:

    • Asking them to tell you who banned you or your friend
    • Asking them to deal with your website complaints
    • Asking them to deal with your in-game complaint

    Note: I don't mind answering questions about gameplay, but I cannot speak for the rest of the team. I still do encourage you to try asking your question in the chat first

    9. Just because you don't physically see your in-game complaint being dealt with, it doesn't mean that nothing is being done. We all have different ways to deal with complaints and it often takes a few minutes to solve a simple DM complaint, unless we happen to witness the incident. I can tell you that there is nothing as annoying as dealing with a "random hit" complaint and then seeing the player who complained taking the matter into their own hands by placing a hit back. Think twice before complaining if you feel impatient. We don't want to rush with decisions because we do not want innocent players banned. Ever.

    10. If you get banned, do not think that it is a personal attack. Admins are normal people too and everyone considers some players more annoying than others but we cannot let that affect our punishments. If you have 50 bans on your account and a total playtime of 1500 hours, do not expect to get away with a 24-hour ban. It all depends on your history in SACNR (bans, complaints), your total playtime and the number of bans you have received for the same reason. Since it's been said in public now that admins are normal people, we have friends too. We may be seen rolling around with our friends but being friends with an admin does not make you immune. Admins don't protect anyone from complaints or bans. Doing something like this would be noticed within the team and would result in a one-way ticket to Liberty City.

    "If you see an admin who looks busy with something, do not approach them unless asked, as you may interrupt them and you could possibly be punished. Generally, we ask players not to be irritating, but we suggest that you are even more respectful to admins than normal players because admins will enforce rules where they see fit. Do not think that just because you are a regular player, you can tell admins how to do their job. They are very experienced players, and they know how to do their job."

    If you see us preparing an event or something and you come at us to punch or shoot our characters (just because it's funny to see someone not losing health), do not be surprised if you get killed or sent to jail. I don't mind having people around watching whatever I do but if you are asked to leave, do it. We don't want to be considered "gods" or anything like that but we do expect to be respected for making (at least trying to make) your gameplay experience better. If you are the one being punished or not getting your complaint dealt with and feel the need to rage at us, put yourself in our shoes and think twice before letting your fingers dance on the keyboard. Insulting us because YOU were caught breaking a rule is just... stupid.

    12. We enjoy playing the game too. Just because you complain a player, it does not mean that we have to stop doing everything else and deal with your complaint right away. Collect proof and post a website complaint instead of spamming "FUCKING ADMIN NEVER DOING ANYTHING WHAT THE FUCK I WAS JUST DMED AND LOST 3000 DOLALRS IN MFEES" in the chat. Spamming /complain will not help either, it often just gets you punished like pointed out in the original "7 things you should know about /complain".

    If we tell you to complain someone on the website, it does not happen because we are lazy. It happens because the situation is more complicated and there could have been other things in the background that cannot be seen at that time. Each story has two sides and on the website, both parties get to tell their side of the story. Try to keep your posts short, though. Using solid proof and proper grammar helps us to see the situation exactly as it happened. DO NOT LIE IN COMPLAINTS.

    Complaining about the low player count or lag does not fix either of these problems. Lag happens from time to time, and it's just part of the internet. Player count is low for many reasons and there is no need to complain about it, as we are aware of it anyway. Try doing something about it instead. Helping a new player or two takes you half an hour and makes it more likely for them to join again. I have witnessed a few cases where a new player was helped out in the beginning and they are donators now.

    15. Ban appeals are there for a reason. Use them if you want to overturn your ban. Talking about your ban on forums or IRC might even get your ban extended and you banned from these services. Evading your ban is pointless too, as you will be caught every single time. If the admin does not reply to your appeal, wait at least 48 hours before sending an email to [email protected].

    16. Admins are not obliged to collect/show any proof. Demanding it is okay but don't expect to be shown any proof. If we ever happen to show you proof, it has to be heavily edited to hide all sensitive information you are not supposed to see and it may take half an hour or even more and is pointless because the outcome stays same. It changes nothing but is often very time-consuming. Bans are always placed at the discretion of each admin.

    17. If your friend is evading a ban or cheating and turns out that you were aware of it and maybe even gained an advantage of it, you risk yourself being punished along with your friend.

    18. If you think an admin is abusing his/her powers and there should be something done about it, don't yell it in the main chat. Post a normal website complaint against the admin just like you would do for any other player. Remember that admins are players too and swearing or losing temper is normal at times. Threatening admins with demotion is something a regular player should not be doing.

    19. Admins are not there to spawn weapons, cars or make events for you. Admins are there to enforce the rules and ensure a decent gameplay experience for everyone. We make events if we feel like it.

    20. Being salty over bans or complaints makes you look silly. 90% of the time I get raged at about a complaint or ban, I'm not even the admin that dealt with your complaint or banned you.

    What goes around, comes around. If you act like a little child raging at everyone and insulting every other player in SACNR, don't expect us to be nice to you.

    This is not aimed at any specific players or groups. It is more of a reminder for everyone in SACNR. It includes things that seem to have been forgotten or at least that's how I have seen it in my first few months in the team.
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