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Thread: Request for the server to be in the monitor list

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    Request for the server to be in the monitor list

    Hello. I'm here for request to let my server in the monitor list. So i hope you to help, Sorry for my bad english here is my own server's details

    HostName: Addictive Trainers -
    Players: 0 / 20
    Ping: 85
    Mode: AT-Version 2.5.2
    Language: English

    help please because i have community and it's dead.....
    the most of servers get players by requesting for their internet list here.
    i hope you to help me

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    Hi, You can have your server added to the list by downloading the announce filterscript available here:
    Compile this into an AMX file and place it in your filterscripts folder, add "announce" to the filterscripts line in your server config and it your server info should be sent over on next launch.

    Full instructions here:

    Let me know if you have any difficulties.

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    I did everything but still not in the monitored servers list

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    and why i can't add it when i attempting to login in the Host Panel?
    i tought we can login with we registered on forums with our SACNR Accs

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    it works now. Thank you community

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