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Thread: Server not Monitored

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    Server not Monitored

    Hey guys,I was wondering if you could help me.

    I got everything on cfg done,so server should be monitorizet on your website,but it's not,would be great if you could help me whit that.

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    Yes same problem!
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    my server run since one month with this settings in the server.cfg and I am not listed on you'r serverlist :/

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    Are you appearing in the sa-mp browser? What's the IP if you don't mind me asking.

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    Thank you for your answere Jamie,

    the IP of the server is:
    and no I am not appearing to the samp browser, thats a little problem in germany...
    Since one or two months the german Server aren't shown anymore (just 2 or three servers)

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    Hm strange, I'll see what I can find out about it.

    As far as I know, SACNR monitor uses the sa-mp server list to populate itself. So if it's not showing up in one, it won't show up in either :/. Will see what I can research though.

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    Thank you very mutch! Hopfully we find a good solution :/
    But thank's for you'r support :)
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    If you're not on the SA-MP 'internet' tab or the SA-MP 'hosted' tab, then you won't show up in SACNR monitor. You need to either find a way to get your server in the internet tab, or pay for a hosted tab from

    Unfortunately this is just the way it's set up. Hope this helps, good luck :)

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    @Blacklite thank you for you'r answere!
    Yes, but I lost a lot of player since I "reopend" the server.
    (We lost about 30 players) thats hard, and we dont get so manny donations and 20 EURO (21$) per month is a lot, but I will support SA:MP with the 20$ p/m when I get more players.
    But anyway I have to find a way to get on the internetlist.
    Thaaank you :)

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    Tell me why the SAMP server is not visible in the Internet tab, version of SAMP 0.3.7?

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