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Thread: Carjacking = Death (bug) + Other glitches found

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    Lightbulb Carjacking = Death (bug) + Other glitches found

    There are many players I see dying of the carjacking bug. Try this if you like --- in vehicles in which the entering the vehicle animation is different from the default one (like in BF Injection) --- When you get jacked from the other codriver seat of the vehicle you simple roll out and die. I wish it was tested and fixed. This bug occurs sometimes in usual vehicles too but its not so frequent.

    Another death glitch is that if your friend is driving a car and the car tilts and you have pressed any movement button (up down left right) (or sometimes without even pressing the button) you die. Thats a weird glitch and I have died from it too 2-3 times. This one should be checked and patched up too.

    Sometimes we also die when we are not following the gravity symmetry of San Andreas base : like if you are climbing a super steep hill and you stop in between, one fourth of the times you die if no other player is around and rarely u die when other player is around.

    All the above glitches makes the So Loved Server irritating sometimes. These should be fixed to improve gameplay and will make it even more lively without players and new players making -- >:O -- such a face while playing and abusing the server.

    The last one is not a glitch but some anticheat should be designed or updated against hackers. They have too high shooting rate and can shoot from anywhere and also when they come near us we go flying with our vehicle or on foot -- and either we die or we get kicked from the server getting a msg Cheats detected which is common when a player is lagging too much.

    Not wishing to create another thread for the below so someone plz answer my below question alongside. Is shooting from bike's passenger seat while there is no driver is against the rules? Someone threatened me for complaining me for that and many others told me at the same time that its not bannable. Someone can clear my doubts? :confused:

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    Welcome to SA-MP I guess lol.

    The carjacking bug you mentioned is called Ninja-jacking and it's a GTA SA bug, BL could do nothing about it. If someone is doing it, report him for bug abuse.

    The other bugs you said happen due to lag and sync, blame SA-MP developers lel, still not an issue from the server side.

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    Unfortunately, as Ben18 claimed, it's not within this servers staff power to fix those bugs.

    Cheaters are indeed quite annoying, but as they say ; god is slow but fair.

    About your question, you should ask that from an administrator, but i personally do not recommend doing that, it just pisses others off.

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    Player punished.
    Thanks for reporting.

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