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Thread: Server not in the list and/or being monitored

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    Server not in the list and/or being monitored

    So, i've been having this problem for a few days now, my server isn't in the server list while my announce is set to 1 and query is set to 1 too.
    Our server IP is: and is hosted 24/7 located in France.
    It's been on for a week now without any downtime and it doesn't seem to show up, even when restarting it and waiting 15 minutes
    If an administrator could help me with this, i'd be glad if one did.

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    @Zumorio I check on SA-MP Client, and your server is NOT in the Internet/Hosted Tab ( Well, i couldn't see it anyways). This is a requirement in order for your server to be on SACNR Monitor. Absolutely make sure your server is "announce=1" and your server is not being blocked by a firewall of any kind.
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    This thread is probably dead, but here goes nothing.

    Make sure that announce=1 in server.cfg. You can normally find your server in the internet tab after changing to announce=1. Give it a few minutes as it takes a long time for all the servers to come up. You can also try to enter all the server ip's in your Favorites Tab, and clicking on the server to see players, ping and other server information.

    Wait for 24 hours and you should be able to see your server in the SACNR monitor.

    If that isn't showing up, make sure all server ip's are fully functional and working. If they are not, please attempt to port forward your server by using It seems to be fairly recent and what you need.

    Take care

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    You bumped a 4 year old thread.....

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