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  1. heeey 10chars
  2. When you create that group, invite me please.
    Looks like you got no time, but If you create it and invite everyone you told me, (which people I don't remember the names) you can let me post the idea of how to suggest it.
    I kept having more ideas about it.

    I was checking out your groups, lol somehow I can understand french if I have a clue of the conversation context
  3. lol blame blacklite for slow forums heuhuehuehuhe
  4. Dude wtf, I've just replied you saying I choose the first one, lol.
  5. im only waiting for you to reply me or on trounament thread so i can continue judging the videos, and hopefully post the points and update the stats today. As it seems you didnt see it yet, im going to take a shower because i stink like a pig
  6. Well, let's say I choose the first one. :)
  7. Nice to see that youre online, so, wich video will you choose for entry on the 3rd stunt? you have to chose only one man, thanks
  8. BTW i am about to post a stunt tournament, with matter of skills instead of speed, i would like if you join.
  9. thank you!
  10. Here is what you need to type:
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