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  1. Hey bro, i miss the fun days of playing this game. How are you.
  2. 3 years late you are bro hahaha but im good too. Got a nice job and a house now etc. Adult life is in full swing
  3. randomly came across ur message bro.. this game is hella dead, server dead.. I'm doing fine, finishing up uni,how's it going for u mate?
  4. Hi HRcumshot lol. Where are you now adays. :D Hows life
  5. HRcumshot lol
  6. and u didnt tell me u had 700m fag nigga!!
  7. sure ting nigga :D we shall pwn ass once again ^_^
  8. If you need anything in-game as soon as your un-banned just contact me,i'll lend you a couple of m to start you up and running
  9. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. 3 days left.!
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