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08-04-2016, 12:11 PM
Just stop suggesting for a period of time. It takes long for the staff to decide whether to implement a suggestion or not.
This ofc is not a good thing, but until they can be faster in that, find a better time for your suggestions instead of doing so for everything that comes to your mind. Don't make a mess. The frequency of new suggestions should be in the same level with staff's ability to deal with suggestions slower or faster.

08-04-2016, 12:24 PM
Why should we stop suggesting?

The admins should just move them to the correct sub-forums, they are there for a reason.

08-04-2016, 12:42 PM
?????It does not take long time for all suggestion. Sometimes the obvious ones are rejected without discussing. And some of them are minor suggestions which are not much important. Only the big ones like chainsaw thread take time.

08-04-2016, 01:26 PM
My dream is to have a suggestion implemented into the game to leave my mark, so I will keep suggesting any idea I have

08-04-2016, 02:16 PM
I see no harm in letting people suggest stuff, let them give ideas how to improve the server. And sometimes that sub-section can contain very funny light reading haha.

08-04-2016, 03:06 PM
I was being sarcastic about both sides. Staff is taking too long to implement or not stuff (always been like that and I think this should change as it makes it look like noone gives a shit anymore around here). Also players keep suggestion making it even worse. There are so many accepted things or admin approved, and there are suggestions coming every day. It looks like a total mess to me, things shouldn't be like this. Decisions need to be taken faster. This is not real life. Decide and try. Try and decide. You did that /egg thing and server got lively. If you did those updates more often, permanents one aswell as this section is related to that, that would be great. I was sarcastic about the part u guys shouldn't suggest. But the staff needs to be more efficent dealing with suggestions.

08-04-2016, 06:15 PM
Lol, bro.
Deciding whether to implement or not is nothing, all it is, is changing the location of the thread.Nothing major. : )

08-04-2016, 06:20 PM
I don't think that the creation of new suggestions affects the implementation of old suggestions. This server has only 2 developers ( according to the staff list), so it might be complicated for them to keep making new updates, especially if they work full time. A solution would be to hire more scripters, but that wouldn't really pay off ( unless all the regular guys who want updates are willing to donate, which is unlikely).

So in the current state of the server it's normal that implementation of suggestions may take longer than we would wish. We just have to wait, we cannot really regulate the staff in this matter.

08-04-2016, 09:35 PM
It takes long for the staff to decide whether to implement a suggestion or not.
This ofc is not a good thing, but until they can be faster in that...

We actually leave threads open to allow for discussion, would you rather threads were locked on the first reply based on a single admins personal thoughts? Would certainly make things easier for me.

Actually I'll start right now by implementing your request to not post suggestions.