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27-02-2015, 12:30 AM
Does anyone here watch Person of Interest? I find it to be quite an interesting show.

If you watch it, what have been your favourite, worst, and saddest moments in it?

Favourite Moment:
Worst Moment:
Saddest Moment:
What you want to happen in future episodes:

Favourite Moment: When they recruit Sameen Shaw (Shaw).
Worst Moment: Well, I guess I would have to say, when root came along. I think she is a huge bitch, and really don't like her character.
Saddest Moment: Well I have 2, the first one is when Detective Carter was killed by HR, and the second is when Shaw gets killed/maybe even kidnapped (not sure how it turns out yet). I really hope Shaw comes back after she gives birth.
What you want to happen in future episodes: I shope that Shaw returns, it would also be good if Detective Carter's death was actually faked and she returns.