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30-12-2013, 01:29 PM
I am wondering, because i don't want to PM every admin to get their opinion and i want for other players to see this in case something similar happened to them.

Is it a 2 month ban valid for a suspicion that you multi accounted?

1st of all i want to open this topic just to say something about SACNR staff in general. A lot of admins will disagree with what im about to say but i think i have some solid facts about what i will say.

Let's take an example. Let's say Pikachu is an admin on SACNR and he bans some digimon for a suspicion that he multi accounted but even tho digimon didn't. Digimon tries to appeal in ban appeal but Pikachu doesn't trust him.

So when he goes to other Pokemons to explain what happened they will of course trust Pikachu because he is one of them.(Kind of a lame example but still it points where im going with this).

Now the fun part, maybe i get Forum banned for this one but /woet. I'm already fucked. I got banned by an admin which name i'm not gonna say because after all he did i still respect him.

That admin banned me for suspicion i used another account to find the money bag and then picked it up on my main account. Only proof that admin has is an IP match. Now, IP match is a proof, but a proof for multi account, not for cheats or hacks. I also provided admin with solid evidence i don't have hacks installed but admin is not replying atm.

I personally have 2 little brothers(who cares right?) and they have their own tablet and laptop. Of course little brother always admires the big one, so my also likes to play SA:MP on his laptop. And he also logged in to SACNR because he knows i play that server and he also likes it.

Of course i still live with my parents so i have to follow some rules same as on this server so i can't say what will my brother play and what he will not. So my lil brother explains the IP match on SACNR. I also said to admins that if they want a solid proof i can tell my brother to log into SACNR as the same time i log into KisKill to prove i don't multi account.

But the point of this whole bible which i wrote is this what i am about to say now.

Every job and every position has their privileges. And position can sometimes be abused. So when you complain a player for let's say DM you have to have a proof that he DM'd you, i think its just about fair when admin bans you he must have some evidence in case other admins want to interfeer. Because in this case and in every case at this point on SACNR you can remain banned just because admin banned you and he doesn't need evidence because he is an admin.

QUESTION for SACNR players: Do you guys think admins don't need proof when baning someone? (Because a lead admin told me that in his own words) I disagree a lot with that.

I would say more info about my ban and some informations but i really don't want to cry about this in Forum. I just posted this to get a reply from as much SACNR admins i can and to see their opinion about this situation.

I would really appreciate for admin's PM's about this. As i said. Maybe some admin forum bans me for this, but as i said, i just posted this to get other admins opinion and maybe figure this situation out. Cheers :)

30-12-2013, 01:40 PM
The fact that your telling me, im a fag, an incredible fag, a ridiculous cunt. I believe you... inb4lk

30-12-2013, 01:42 PM
Humans lie, and admins are humans. That's to answer your question.

30-12-2013, 01:58 PM
Firstly, /woet got removed haha.

I, myself got banned for multiaccounting once too, but however I got unbanned after explaining the story. When I got banned, I was told he's got an evidence he mustn't show to me. It was pretty much what the fuck situation, I had no idea what I was banned for anyway, but after I explained everything twice, they said it's okay and I got unbanned. Still have no idea what was the main reason anyway.

I think admins don't need proof for stuff they see IG n shit (except if the admin gets in trouble multiple times (khms .. khme .. khmr .. khmp)), but when it comes to 2 months ban .. ?

retoric question kay


The fact that your telling me, im a fag, an incredible fag, a ridiculous cunt. I believe you... inb4lk


30-12-2013, 01:58 PM
Admins aren't right all the times.

30-12-2013, 02:04 PM
A 2 month ban is valid if you actually multiaccounted, but not for suspicion. You say that you have solid proofs, just post them in your ban appeal, it is possible that the admin didnt ban you but the anticheat did (cos you are banned for cheats by the server). So you cant just blame it on some admin just because he is the one replying to your ban appeal. And fyi admins never ban anyone for anything unless they are 100% sure that you have broken a rule. So nope, admins are not required to produce proofs for you if you have broken any rule. And even if we have proofs of you rulebreaking, we may never show them to you for certain obvious reasons.

Just appeal, try to convince the admin, present all the proofs that you have and give all the explanation you can, that`s the only way you can be helped.
/closed for now, if necessary this will be discussed by the admins, other players opinions are irrelevant.

31-12-2013, 12:44 AM
2 month bans for cheating/multi accounting. You may request a lead admin to review your ban by emailing [email protected]

If you don't trust a decision by a lead admin, then there's really nothing we can do for you.