View Full Version : Please read this before posting in this forum

23-05-2011, 02:11 AM
If your topic does not follow these rules, it will be REJECTED IMMEDIATELY, so please read carefully!

You MUST follow this format when requesting a refund:

In-game name:
How much money did you lose:
When did you lose the money:
How did you lose the money:
Why do you think it's a mistake:

Do not report players in this section.

If you lost money due to a rulebreaker and you want to be refunded for it, start by making a player complaint at www.sacnr.com/u/ (http://www.sacnr.com/u/)USERNAME. Once the player complaint has been handled and they are determined guilty, then you can make a refund request thread and link to the player complaint, if you have not already been refunded during the complaint process.

Do not post in the refunds section if:

You are requesting a refund of less than $100,000.
You are not the player requesting a refund.
You have no proof to add and you were not involved with the incident in any way.
If the person you are reporting offers to refund you, but you refuse and want them punished.