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22-07-2012, 10:54 AM
Date/Time: Whenever you want ;D
Description: Rob and cash not in pocket
Problem: Deposit ALL your cash in bank/biz/house means you got 0$ on you. Go to Cigula's Casino (FOR EXAMPLE) and /robcasino it. You will have $140,000 (FOR EXAMPLE) go out WITH YOUR MONEY BAG and someone will rob you 10k. How can someone rob 10k you if the cash isn't in your pocket and you got $0 on you ?! You have $0 and $140,000 in a moneybag how can someone /rob you when it's in the moneybag?!
How to recreate it:
Try it. Deposit your cash in bank, rob a casino, let someone rob you before the moneybag is in your pocket.

22-07-2012, 11:51 AM
not a bug..When u rob a casino/house/store/biz (moneybag in hand) the money goes into your hand, once 60 secconds pass you wont be able to loose it if getting arrested but...the fact that they can rob money from you is because its in your hand in that moment. Dont know if i expressed myself well at all :/

When i started playing and i saw a player robbing the biz i wanted to, i would just wait him outside and /rb him as he would have a lot of cash in hand :D