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  1. Please read this before posting in this forum
  2. Suggestions section cleanup [AUGUST 2018]
  3. Property system
  4. Add top 10 healers / healed
  5. Add duels won / duels lost to top 10
  6. Inter State Bus Service (Long Route Service)
  7. MB Cooldown
  8. Carbombs are not suicide bombs
  9. Robbing offline houses
  10. Group robberies
  11. Full weapon skill for non-donators!!!
  12. New System in Top 10
  13. New Houses!!
  14. Car bomb price
  15. Change lottery system
  16. Mods
  17. /vic /victim like /crimes but opposite.
  18. Reduce Carbomb price or atleast keep if /AR
  19. Only lose Thermal Drill at robberies with a vault.
  20. Chainsaw
  21. Public service Pay
  22. Release from same police department where you surrender
  23. Spawn preference for Lvl 8/9 players.
  24. Get rid of active city
  25. Get rid of active city
  26. Uber driver for dead people :v
  27. Auto min/max prices in biz cmd
  28. Tiki
  29. Create in-game monument for old players
  30. Adding top 10 List for Medics
  31. Wanted Value Rebalancing
  32. Rook from Rainbow 6 Seige
  33. Keep vehicle ownership after unfair death
  34. Make people invulnerable once arrested
  35. Unlock weapon skill at regular player
  36. Forwarding the achievement of Dual weapons to regular players.
  37. Securicar mission with group mates
  38. Pilot Mission Checkpoint
  39. Medic mission bug
  40. Dustman / trash man job
  41. Discord music bot
  42. Little hit cmd change
  43. Score for fishing
  44. Revert stock selling system to how it was before
  45. Text @
  46. Fish - Score
  47. Plants frozen during events
  48. Make /duel use money straight from bank
  49. Make thermal drill decrease robbery time slightly
  50. Add more banks
  51. Add nominations
  52. Add "Complaints closed as innocent" into sacnr.com
  53. Make Carbombs Great Again!
  54. Remove 'No Damage to Group Member.'
  55. Token houses i businesses
  56. Jewelry Shops.
  57. Cops duty
  58. What should we do for tokens?
  59. Increase ammunition cooldown and add a new cooldown to vehicles
  60. Solution against properties hoggers
  61. Bank Vault Suggestion, hear me out.
  62. new job ideas to the server
  63. Little suggestion!
  64. Revert to previous screen texts
  65. Couple of Suggestions
  66. New interiors for houses
  67. How about giving the /ar command to normal players?
  68. Timer when you leave Active city with rob spree
  69. Add micro uzi to ammunation
  70. Add melee fighting styles
  71. Add a way to repair tires without going to gasso/pay n spray
  72. Pause on suggestions