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  1. Jimmy Hoffas bodey may be found soon
  2. Supreme Court Ruling on Fifth Amendment
  3. H.J.Res.15
  4. [NSFW] Heartless Atrocity in Hawthorne, California
  5. We Succeed'd Again.
  6. Last statements
  7. Baby stabbed 90 times with scissors by his Chinese mother
  8. Zimmerman's Verdict
  9. Quadrillionaire
  10. 20+ Kids die of food poisoning in a school in India
  11. HR 347 Trespass Bill
  12. Bayer and the FDA Fucked Up
  13. Train crash in Spain
  14. Massive fire @ Nairobi International Airport
  15. Obama on Jay Leno
  16. McDonald's Chicken Nugget Under a Digital Microscope
  17. Area 51 exists, acknowledged by CIA
  18. What happen in Egypt ?
  19. 1953 Iran Coup - CIA Finally Admits Role
  20. EA begins offering refunds for its digital game sales on Origin
  21. California Gun Confiscation
  22. Drunk Chinese Man Falls Asleep In Shipping Container About To Depart For L.A.
  23. Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach
  24. Squirrel with the plague in California
  25. Government bans female League of Legends characters at Iranian tourney
  26. Columbia, South Carolina criminalizing the homeless
  27. Putin challenges Obama
  28. RIP Nokia? - Microsoft to buy Nokia
  29. Obama whines about name calling
  30. Senate committee authorizes US force on Syria.
  31. Welcome To The Scariest Job Interview Ever!
  32. Apple launches iphone 5s and 5c
  33. Shooting at Washington DC Navy Yard leaves several dead
  34. 19 Ways iOS 7 Is Causing The Actual Apocalypse
  35. Real Life GTA "He wanted to see what it was to be a Grand Theft Auto individual"
  36. Spy novelist Tom Clancy dies aged 66
  37. Take precautions before watching 3D films!
  38. Marijuana finally kills somone.
  39. Criminal shot by cop while jacking a motorcycle
  40. Be careful while masturbating
  41. Celebs going space
  42. FAA officially approves using electronics during all phases of flight
  43. Lou Reed died doing tai chi
  44. The Assam Rape Festival in India begins this week!
  45. Moscow, Russia: Man nails his own balls to ground
  46. Farewell Sachin Tendulkar
  47. Man Leaves $250,000 and Home to Cats
  48. HA!
  49. Fast and furious Star dies
  50. Nelson Mandela, symbol against racism, dies at the age of 95
  51. 'I'm retiring man': Justin Bieber announces that he's quitting his career as a singer
  52. Chipotle to start making pizza?
  53. First artificial heart implanted in human (happened in Paris, France a few days ago)
  54. UFC , Anderson Silva BROKEN LEG IN FIGHT
  55. Michael Schumacher, F1 Legend in a coma: critical after a ski fall.
  56. 3rd bombing at Volgograd! - Trolley bus blast in Volgograd kills at least 11
  57. Avery James passes away at 68
  58. BABY BABY BABY Nooooo
  59. The Mexican Cartel leader has finally been caught!
  60. Florida, USA: former cop kills a dad texting to his daughter at a movie theater
  61. Student, 12, Used Shotgun to Shoot 2 Students in Roswell
  62. Dallas Police Chief Requests More Training on How and When Cops Use Guns
  63. Hasn't Bathed in 60 years
  64. Brave lad of 8 dies saving SIX relatives in trailer park fire
  65. Man 'High On Meth, Fights Off 15 Police Officers While Masturbating'
  66. Justin Bieber arrested for DUI
  67. [SPORTS] Juan Mata to Manchester United
  68. Any Tennis Fans Out There?
  69. Michoacan, MEX - Self-Defense groups & Knights Templar
  70. Waiting for Justin bieber to get deported.
  71. North Korea confirms it has landed a man on the Sun
  72. Supreme Court justice predicts internment camps in America’s future.
  73. Central african republic turmoil
  74. Ukraine erupts into all out Civil war
  75. Egyptian army launches airstrikes on villages near Gaza
  76. Top Mexican Drug Lord has been arrested in raid by security Forces
  77. Whatsapp
  78. Happy shoes day
  79. Plane with 20 ISRAELIS, emergency lands in IRAN
  80. Boieng 777 carrying 239 people to Bejing MISSING
  81. Meet Cortana: The New Windows Phone 8.1 Personal Assistant
  82. Ohio Home For Sale
  83. kid calls swat on pro cod player
  84. Aliens are plating a message on youtube
  85. Your toughs about Ukraine "Dark Vader" ??
  86. 3-Year-Old Claims To Remember Who Killed Him In Past Life, Leads Police To Body
  87. Just like in SACNR, some people deserve to be scammed
  88. Images of WC 2014 preparation in Brazil
  89. GTA 5 Offiically coming to PC, PS4 & XBOX ONE
  90. UK bans teaching creationism in state-funded schools
  91. Latest Harry Potter story is out now!
  92. MH17 Crashes in Ukraine near Russian border
  93. Israel is bombing Gaza from air, land and sea.
  94. Air Algerie Missing - Reports it crashed.
  95. Putin passes law banning protests in Mother Russia
  96. Indiana Pacers Star Paul George Suffers Severe Leg Injury
  97. Ebola virus 2014 outbreak
  98. Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins Turkish presidential election
  99. Robin willams, dead.
  100. Riots in Ferguson, Missouri
  101. Lucky motorcycle accident!
  102. Richard Attenborough Passed away
  103. "Taking the Mickey out of Road Rage"
  104. "Oscar Pistorius verdict: Guilty or innocent?"
  105. Declassified Documents on Yahoo's 2008 Fight Against PAA, FISA, Et Cetera.
  106. Scotland votes on independence from the United Kingdom
  107. First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 in Perth Drops It
  108. Monster Truck Crashes Into Crowd in Netherlands [NSFW]
  109. "Lamborghini poo prank goes horribly wrong"
  110. Windows 10 - technical preview released
  111. Massive Flooding Genova Italy
  112. Argentina reaching for the stars
  113. GTA:SA 10th anniversary
  114. Earth in Darkness
  115. Corruption in USA
  116. Man Beheads Woman in USA (Believed to be his mother who is in her 60s)
  117. Finnish guy Ismo Leikola has won the "Funniest Person in the World" competition
  118. Rocket contracted by NASA explodes into fireball!
  119. Virgin Galactic Crash
  120. suspected ISIS member stoned to death
  121. New wave of stolen game accounts?
  122. ALL EYES ON FERGUSON: Grand jury reaches decision in Brown case
  123. North Korea supporters hacked over sony pictures comedy
  124. Pirate Bay goes offline after Stockholm police raid
  125. Sydney Hostage Terror
  126. Cuba
  127. 2 NYPD officers shot dead
  128. Merry Christmas From Hackers
  129. Air Asia Plane Missing
  130. AirAsia Plane Overshoots Runway
  131. Stampede at Shanghai new year countdown RIP
  132. 12 Dead in 'Terrorist' Attack on Paris Satirical Magazine
  133. 2000 feared killed by Boko Haram on Nigeria
  134. Windows 10
  135. King of Saudi Arabia dies at 90
  136. Gta irl (la)
  137. N.w.a film announced at august !
  138. Windows 10 will be free for software pirates
  139. Germanwings A320 Crashed in French Alps
  140. 16 Years since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Serbia)
  141. Montenegro 4 life
  142. Game of Thrones season 5 leaked
  143. 7.9 magnitude Earthquake hits Nepal.
  144. animals burning it down again
  145. Bali Nine Duo
  146. New version of SA:MP
  147. GTA London
  148. This bully learnt a lesson
  149. FBI: FIFA is a criminal enterprise
  150. Windows 10 Released?
  151. Anti G7 - pro-Russian protests in Germany
  152. GTA:SA On PC Turns 10 Today
  153. Destruction of a total 632 BAL Dried Marijuana
  154. Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal throughout US
  155. Elon Musk Just Had the Worst Birthday Ever
  156. Crazy Woman claims pregent from Pig
  157. Breaking news: Explosion at Japan Army base
  158. Google's new logo
  159. Calais: Illegals complain and throw away food
  160. Another Prime Minister For Australia
  161. Toronto blue jays win first al east title since 1993
  162. Closer look at Russian fighter jets bombing ISIS
  163. Cop shoots dead unarmed boy, 17, after the teen flashed his lights at the patrol car
  164. Terrorist attack in Paris
  165. NZ Flag
  166. Charlie Sheen - Tests HIV positive
  167. Mauricio Macri wins presidential elections in Argentina
  168. Turkey official co-operation with ISIS
  169. David Bowie dies of cancer aged 69
  170. Actor Alan Rickman dies aged 69 following battle with cancer
  171. Grizzly Adams died
  172. can
  173. Aussie Stops a Robbery
  174. Multiple attacks in Brussels - ongoing
  175. At least 28 killed by Ankara car bomb targeting military personnel
  176. #Pray For Pakistan
  177. Passenger Plane Hijacked
  178. Florida nightclub terror attack
  179. The UK votes to leave the European Union (EU)
  180. Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: At least 28 dead
  181. Turkish military declares taking over the country
  182. If Putin nukes the US....
  183. Trump wins 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
  184. Spread the message.
  185. Chapecoense
  186. George Michael's Last Christmas
  187. Part of Chile is burning!
  188. Terror in Venezuela.
  189. North Korea Guam missile strike plan 'ready by mid-August'
  190. Earthquake in Central Mexico, at least 149 dead
  191. Argentine military submarine missing
  192. Fifa WorldCup Russia 2018
  193. Peputo's died