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  1. Since your working on the /biz system... How about being able to sell drugs there?
  2. different Bus Missions
  3. Regular players lvl 5,6,7,8,9 and 10
  4. Robbery System Update
  5. Confirmation command before selling properties
  6. Every /ach in Top Ten
  7. Bank Courier jobs with higher stakes!
  8. Weapons in both hands
  9. Clan Section
  10. search by interior
  11. Allow graphic mods for sacnr
  12. Addition to Ammunation interiors
  13. SWAT Missions (a new cop job/mission)
  14. Shorten bank commands
  15. A few suggestions to improve activity in active city
  16. Search by old name
  17. Wanted Level Change
  18. Organ Transportation With Ambulance (Between States)
  19. Discord marketplace
  20. Gassos revenue to owners