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  1. Please read this before posting in this forum
  2. Police NPC
  3. House spawn bug
  4. Multiple drug plants combining into a singular plant.
  5. Xmas job destination bug in LS
  6. House bug teleport
  7. Arrests count
  8. Reload ammo not working
  9. Score on Hauling problem
  10. Fishing and Service pay bugs
  11. /withdraw from business bug
  12. Medic weapons
  13. Bug report - Purchasing ammo from ammunation doesnt cost money
  14. Bug ?
  15. Change skin bugged
  16. "Type /robbbiz" sentence still on
  17. Not a bug Heli exit/third exit caligulas casino interior should be the other way round
  18. Not a bug Wrong entrance of the garage in Caligulas Casino
  19. Not a bug Biz Income not proportion to the biz value
  20. Invisible Object
  21. why am i not classed as regular player
  22. Still Looking For this 2020/2021:
  23. Not a bug Passenger Seat Entrance animation Bug
  24. Bank circle glitch in Angel pine
  25. When trying to select an option in the bank it cancels selection.
  26. Red circle for enter angel pine bank
  27. Bug with my house
  28. bug with my criminal rank